MIKEMike Anna

The curator and organizer of Friday, Sept. 1 BUTFF performance program is visual artist Mike Anna. Because even the slickest choreography cannot bite reality.


















Berendine Venemans


Berendine Venemans (1991) used to be a professional game designer, now performance artist, poet and videographer. As an artist she deals with the unnameable and uncontrollable in life.In doing so, she explores the role of intuition
 and believes in the power of uniting intuition and embodiment with the mind, the cognition. The path she takes in this process and the experiences she gains she shares in her
work. Sometimes absurdist, but always subconsciously palpable. Her work invites to be experienced be experienced from the feeling, with the desire to speak from her underbelly to that of the other and thus to make the unnameable experienceable.