oesters 'Oysters'

The pearl of the oyster. Geay oysters, Gillardeau oysters, Umami oysters, Oysri oysters and David Hervé oysters. One thing they all have in common, they simply come from the sea. The way we look at these beautiful oysters carries in itself a strange duality. We find them repulsive, disgusting and sometimes even terrifying. At the same time, they embody the height of decadence. The pearls of oysters are here to show you the absolute truth about oysters and, in doing so, make you experience real life. Awesome in lavish quantity. Swallow in a wave of abundance. Get carried away with us and experience what you've been missing all this time. Get pleasure sick together with us and get carried away to what you have always longed for.


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Julia Leyten

The best way to be recognized as a productive member of society is to track your workouts, steps, calories, proteins, macronutrients, hours of sleep, carbohydrates, heartbeats and caffeine intake. You will finally be recognized as a valuable member of society. You can outdo others in life, you can win this competition.

Evelien de Jong