PINK FLAMINGOS presents: 'Klappe' by Jürgen Brüning at BUT Film Festival Breda 2023



As part of the Pink Flamingos subtheme, we highlight a number of LGBT+ films. Really, we’re just bringing extra attention to films that have always been part of our selection. By doing so, we want to emphasise inclusiveness and welcome an even wider and more diverse audience. After all, BUTFF accepts everyone, as long as you’re a weirdo. This year we have German cinematographer Jürgen Brüning as a guest, who delivered “Klappe” (2022), an audacious masterpiece that took 16 years to craft:

'Klappe' by Jürgen Brüning at BUT Film Festival Breda 2023


Jürgen Brüning is a regular guest at BUTFF, albeit invisible but always present as Jürgen is the producer of Bruce LaBruce (The Rasberry Reich) and Shu Lea Chang ( Fluidø), all screened at BUTFF. This time he will be present himself to introduce the film 'Klappe'. After the screening, he will be able to answer all your questions. A unique opportunity to meet this grand master of the artistic erotic porn genre.

Synopsis: 'Porn actors singing in a public toilet is pretty much the premise of this film 'Klappe' directed by Jürgen Brüning. From this place, the viewer is taken through various fragments and clips, packaged as a video essay, about gender and identity. Everything anti is shown. Long live the revolution, all strict rules are broken.'


hifBeforehand, the Dutch short film 'HIF' by Daan Swinkels will be screened (Mike, a hypochondriac criminal afraid of HIV, is ordered by his boss to torture a criminal and find what he is holding back).

Screening: Friday, September 1 from 17h00 to 18h30 at Filmhuis Breda - Keizerstraat 19F - 4811 HL Breda

Tickets: 8.50 € via this link