BUTFF23 presents: BUTClub hosted by Pier15



Pier15 skatepark and BUTFF present an evening full of modular madness, as two tycoons of the underground electronic sound will make you sweat in BUTclub’s boiler room!

TICKETS ARE € 8,00, you can buy them HERE


Elektortek (Veerle Pennock) is a creative electronics builder, living beep machine and explorer of the sounds of madness.

From circuit bend toys, to self-made instruments and midi sequenced radio's, there's always something extra ticking in her live sets. Flowing from experimental noises and textures to evolving stacked layers of melodies, her style can go from ambient to acid in a fly, always in sync with the pulses and feedback of the machines and modular synth. No live set is the same, and you can feel the energy of playing without boundaries, using what is there in the moment. Eletortek's name is inspired by the electronics magazine "Elekor" (Dutch: Elektuur), especially the older editions, which she reads occasionally to get inspired by circuit ideas and electronic component possibilities. Besides sonic explorations with modular and noisy beep machines, Veerle is also the founder of DIY creative workspace for electronic instruments and sounds, called Acid Solder Club in Utrecht. Ready to beep and crunch up her hometown of Breda!

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/veerle-pennock


Futuristic Acid

Vinnieragua's One man acid band is a hybrid mechanical acid contraption straight from a retrofuturistic cyber tale. A mechanical cam shaft drives the acoustical drums electronically connected to a gameboy and a 303. Big levers let the beat drop back into a pit of boiling acid.  This will keep you dancing like mad!



Thu 31st of August, 19.30  -  23.00hrs.